Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Signs Of The Season

“When you see these signs occurring
know that summer draws near.”

The sleeping tempest,
rising for its season.

  wind swirling wisps
no beginning and no end,

  Thor hurling his hammer
 thundering a warning, he is near at the gates...

the whole green earth swaying upward
crying-out for the life-giving rains...

it is the time
for earth to roar again!

The Cranes ©

One by one,
baffled mourners
drifted back

toward fragile sanctuaries,
leaving her alone
to gaze the abyss
of freshly churned earth –
where the once beautiful body lay
beginning the slow passage
back to dust.

As she knelt
craving his presence,
Apollo blazed West
meandering to destiny
threatening to leave her alone
in the land of night,
where nocturnal creatures
dwell ominously therein.

But she remained faithful,
still at one with him,
her humanness
causing signs
in the heavenly places,
provoking the servants
to summon the cranes—
to break the veil,
their startling appearance
and poetic laments
letting her know
she was not alone,
giving her strength,
to rise from her knees.

As she drove off
into night –
the cranes followed,,
flying around and around—
until the cemetery’s gates
clung shut behind;
but now, she knew
he would be with her,
all the days of her life.